How to read Bittrex order history

There isn’t much of a user guide for Bittrex. It’s clearly designed for the more than casual cryptocurrency investor. One part that confused me initilly was the order history. Bittrex keeps a log of your order history, like this:

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 10.42.59 PM

The first several columns are self-explanatory.

Bid/Ask – This is the price that you listed to buy or sell.

Units Filled – This is the amount of currency that was bought or sold.

Units Total – I think this is the same as Units Filled. I’m not sure if it’s possible to only have partial orders filled.

Actual Rate – This is the rate at which the trade actually went through.

Cost/Proceeds – If this is a negative amount, then this is how much you paid for buying currency. If this is a positive amount, then this is how much much you earned for selling currency. Remember, in Bittrex you can only buy using cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. So if you are buying crypto currency, then the amount will either be an amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether. If you are selling, then the amount will be the amount of whatever currency you are selling. The Cost/Proceeds automatically deducts the 0.25% fee that Bittrex charges. I wish this was listed in a separate column, but it can be easily calculated.

In my above situation, I bought Dash using Ethereum. I bought 0.04 units of Dash at a rate of 1.725235 ETH per Dash. This results in -0.0690094 Ethereum being deducted from my Ethereum wallet. Now I subtract out the 0.25% fee and I’m left with -0.06918192 Ethereum as my Cost.

The tricky thing is just keeping in mind what the currency is for the Cost/Proceed column.

Hope that is helpful!



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